On Likes, or That Fly Buzzing Around the Dimming Bulb In My Head

My friend suggested “Remember what made and makes you happy, all the stupid shit and little things that prevent you from curling into a ball in a corner. If you’re ever like, “Everything sucks,” well, no, it doesn’t because you like these however many things.”

Easier said than done. I like…. things. Mostly things related to the kids. I dislike things more greatly. I know what I don’t like and why; that list is as voluminous and  fleshed-out as a law student’s class outline. But what I like and why? I don’t know. Somethingsomethingsomething suppression of one’s own wants and needs to tend to the wants and needs of one’s children somethingsomethingsomething dreams not working out somethingsomething … Yeah, that’s probably it.

Do you hear that soft buzzing? That’s the fly making its third circuit around the light bulb in my head when I actually sit and think about what I like. So, let’s just do as my friend suggest and identify what keeps me out of the corner.

  1. Coffee. Hot. Flavorful. Rich, toasty notes with the occasional floral or fruity influence. Mmm…
  2. ………………
  3. My kids. They’re adorable. They think princesses are ninjas, they love Liza Minelli’s “Mein Herr,” and believe that farts are a valid expression of love. I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. Nevertheless, I sit back and enjoy the show. Though a lot of what they do makes me want to hide in the bathtub with some ice cream and a book.
  4. ………………
  5. Going to the gym! Ha! Something! Weights are fun and my personal trainer is learning to box, so listening to him talk about his training makes the time fly by.
  6. Boxing! I like boxing, however it’s come to the point where I think I just like to hate-watch boxing and complain about it later.
  7. ………………
  8. ………………
  9. Crafts! I like to crochet! I’m barely skilled and can only make misshapen potholders (or, as one unfortunate project turned out, cat yarmulkes), but I like using my hands and the thinking that’s involved. I had a low day yesterday and spent an hour at Michaels trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I eventually settled on a Vanna White guide to scarves and whatnots, more for the ease of the patterns than the “Vanna White yarn wtf lol”-ness of it. The yarn is pretty nice, though.
  10. Using logic and data and fact to break down other people’s arguments. Yes, it’s bitchy and what the fuck is wrong with me for enjoying this, but nothing thrills me more than bringing down the flaming hand of righteousness on someone with some sweet peer-reviewed, publicly available data. It’s probably the library school student in me: “You got that info from some third-tier blog with uncited sources? Boo-yah! Here’s some knowledge for ya!” I’m quite introverted in person and shy away from arguments and confrontation, but — dammit!! — when bullshit is spouted and there’s data to the contrary, I chomp at the bit like a greyhound wanting to chase a lure.


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