On New Things, or Why Nothing Beats Star Wars

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “New.”

My in-laws gave my kids a new train set (in the back ground) for New Years. The kids spent a few seconds with the train, looked at the box it came in, screamed “DEATH STAR!!!!”, then proceeded to grab their Legos and recreate the dog-fight scene at the end of Star Wars. The first one. The real first one. I’m not hip with these things.

But my geekling children definitely are and they recreated Luke’s flight through the Death Star’s trenches with a bunch of mini-figs, kid-designed and -built space ships, and a little Millennium Falcon standing in for the X-Wing (which recently lost an unfortunate battle with the vacuum). Because Star Wars is AWESOME.

So, while new toys are nice and fancy, nothing beats the possibility of a brand new cardboard box (which has also become a drum, the bottom of a bus, a farm, and a My Little Pony Village) and two active imaginations.


3 thoughts on “On New Things, or Why Nothing Beats Star Wars

  1. My mother always says that most of time time you’re better getting a child the box instead of the toy. They’ll probably find more fun things to do with an empty box than whatever you pick out in the shop.


    1. I completely agree. One year friends gave their kids a bunch of new Tupperware (the real Tupperware) and new utensils. All of it virtually unbreakable and dishwasher safe Good for the kids and the kitchen!


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