On Processing Plans, or What Do I Do With All This?

As mentioned previously, I’m trying to make sense of the mess that is the photo folder on my computer. Advise the arrangement of others’ physical and digital collections? No prob! Deal with the mess on my own desk? Huh? Wha? I’m busy watching early episodes of The West Wing for the furtive glances shared by Josh and Rob Lowe.

Seriously! You know there was chemistry there.

Anyhoo, back to the mess. A massive project of any kind — professional or personal — won’t succeed without a plan, especially when it comes to organization. Just importing files into iPhoto didn’t work for me because I had no idea where the application was putting my photos and, admittedly, I didn’t read the Help section so I didn’t know I could turn off that “We’ll Hide It So You Can’t Lose It” feature. Using the folders created by the camera… No. Just, no. My goal is clear, concise, and coherent. Most of all, I want consistency.

I decided to tackle the mess with my professional hat on (or, at least, the parts of the hat that the kids haven’t markered over, torn, and smeared with peanut butter). This was my processing plan:

  1. Decide what to retain and eliminate unwanted materials (keep one photo of endearingly ugly dog, chuck the other 29 nearly identical ones in the series)
  2. Determine arrangement and levels of processing (born digital by chronological order, year then month; scanned materials by project name, alphabetically.)
  3. Rename all those DSCNblehblahblehblahblah.jpg files and attach metadata where possible (names, dates, locations)

This is how it’s actually going:

  1. Decide what to retain. Get Facebook message notification from friend in a different time zone; chat with her.
  2.  Spend half an hour trying to find silly or naughty gifs of sex scenes from Outlander; find naughty gifs of Jax’s sex scenes in Sons of Anarchy. Wonder why I never watched that show.
  3. Conference with another friend on Facebook about Jax’s ass and “moves”; reminisce about Said from Lost.
  4. Go back to photos. Get overwhelmed.
  5. Make coffee.
  6. Make series and subseries folders. PROGRESS!

Sigh. Onward.


2 thoughts on “On Processing Plans, or What Do I Do With All This?

  1. If it’s any consolation, you are not alone in your procrastination. I have so many tabs open in my browser currently, that the site info is becoming difficult to make out. Now that I’ve added drifts of daydreaming about Jax’s ass into the mix (yeah, thanks for reminding me of that pleasurable distraction. Lol), I’ve actually forgotten what the original task at hand was. Oh, well… onward to the next one! Maybe… 🙂


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