On Boxing in Boxes, or the Sweet Science in Archives

I’ve relapsed. I’m back on Pinterest. It’s a ridiculous timewaste. I had an account when the site first started, but quickly deleted it because there’s only so many zucchini bread, mashed cauliflower or rainbow cupcake recipes one can see pinned ad nauseum before going insane.

Aside from pinning examples of Rick Rude’s ringwear, I’ve been filling a board with boxing images from various museums, libraries, and archives: “Boxing in Boxes: The Sweet Science in Archives.” It’s been a fun scavenger hunt that kills time before passing out at night, especially since learning that one of my grad school professors has a MASSIVE boxing collection in his care.

In 2007, the Hank Kaplan Boxing Archive was willed to the Brooklyn College Library, where Prof. Anthony Cucchiara is the head of archives and special collections. Yeah!!!!! Yes, I am YEARS behind everything but I was so stoked to read that my old professor (who is a fight fan and a boxer) has this collection. He even got an NEH grant a few years back to rehouse the collection and hasten processing because boxing and Prof. Cucchiara are awesome! Er, the sweet science is a valuable piece of American cultural history.

And awesome!


5 thoughts on “On Boxing in Boxes, or the Sweet Science in Archives

  1. I like your style! Also it helps that I also like boxing, BUT that’s besides the point haha

    Quick question, who is your favorite old school boxer? I admit I like the great classic Sugar Ray Robinson, mostly because he wouldn’t go down and kept getting back in there. A born fighter if there ever was one.


    1. Thanks for reading! My favorite is Max Schmeling simply because he played the game so well, in and out of the ring. I also think Tex Rickard and the other promoters of the golden age were really interesting characters.

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