On Pugilists on a Punk Poster, or More Boxing in Boxes 

I have previously mentioned my fondness for the fistic arts.  My online boxing finds are often added to my Pinterest, Boxing in Boxes, that’s focused on representations of boxing in library, archive, and museum collections throughout the world.


You can imagine my glee when I was breezing through the latest issue of American Archivist (vol. 78, no. 1, spring/summer 2015) and saw two figures in an upright stance readying for battle on a punk band poster in “Saving All the Freaks on the Life Raft: Blending Documentation Strategy with Community Engagement to Build a Local Music Archives” (238 – 261). Co-authored by Caroline Daniels, Heather Fox, Sarah-Jane Poindexter, and Elizabeth Reilly, the article focuses on the creation of the Louisville Underground Music Archive (LUMA) housed in the University of Louisville Archives and Special Collections. It is a great article illustrated with gems from the LUMA collection and I really wish that journal embargoes didn’t exist because the authors do as good a job detailing the Louisville scene as they do their collection development strategies. You can read more about it on Facebook or at the LUMA blog.

Boxing in boxes: It’s everywhere!!

PS: Support your local music scene.
PPS: Support your local archives.
PPPS: Check out the session on underground music at the Society of American Archivists annual meeting in Cleveland. Cleveland rocks!


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