On Prison, Cookies, and a Guy in Drag, or 23 Hours in Philadelphia

I got 24 hours out of the house for my birthday; I spent it on a little trip to Philadelphia. Let’s see what a boring housewife does when she goes out of town for almost a full day without the kids. Onward!

12:48pm – Philadelphia Megabus stop
1:40 pm – University of Pennsylvania
1:53 pm – The Penn Museum
2:00 pm – Penn Museum, “Iraq’s Ancient Past”
2:43 pm – Penn Museum, “The Egyptian Mummy: Secrets and Science”
2:51 pm – Penn Museum, Greece Gallery
2:57 pm – Penn Museum, “Imagine Africa with the Penn Museum”
3:08 pm – Penn Museum, “Native American Voices”
4:05 pm – Double-fisted coffee break
4:41 pm – Market Street
5:44 pm – The Bearded Ladies, Eastern State Penitentiary
7:36 pm – Al Capone’s cell, Eastern State Penitentiary
7:38 pm – My ass, Eastern State Penetentiary
8:23 pm – Ben Franklin Parkway towards the Philadelphia Art Museum
8:54 pm – insomnia cookies truck, Drexel
9:18 pm – Dinner
7:19 am – The only woman in the hotel gym and the only one lifting weights.
7:57 am – 36th St
10:20 am – Drexel
10:51 am – Transportation mural, 30th Street Station
11:32 am – 664 Keystone to NY, Amtrak

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