On My Christmas Book Haul, or Book-a-palooza 2015

What happens when the person responsible for buying Christmas presents for the family (and giving ideas when others ask what to buy the family) holds a library school degree?



Lots of them.

For my son, a six year old boy who likes Star Wars, superheroes, dinosaurs and LEGOs?



And my daughter? A four year old who likes ponies and My Little Pony, Fluttershy, Doc McStuffins, fairytales, and Octonauts?


She got books. And a Fluttershy shirt-dress thing that I simply could not resist because it had wings.

What of my husband, a computer geek boxing fan and former beer gourmand who had to cease imbibing brew because of a hop allergy?


Books (and some whiskey paraphernalia, as he’s looking to the explore the world of wood barrel-aged spirits).

As for me? I asked my husband to get me something from my Amazon wishlist.


And he delivered.

Happy belated whatever you celebrate!





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