On the Book Haul Breakdown, or My 2016 TBR List

I told my husband that I wanted something from my Amazon wish list for Christmas.

Some people go to therapy to understand family dynamics; I got a BA in anthropology.

My wish list is, in many ways, a living, breathing expression of my academic and intellectual interests over a ten year period. Its ebbs (the inclusion of the Southern Vampire Mysteries series was when my interest in cerebral development was at its lowest*) and flows (population politics in Italy) are reflected in the various subjects featured in the list.

I’m the dweeb who’s read the APA style guide for funsies. A big hit at parties, I certainly am.

I used to go to college bookstores and, going up and down the aisles of required and recommended textbooks, would jot down the titles I wanted read. It was like having the professors at NYU, Cooper Union, and Columbia  co-curate my “to be read” (TBR) list. Being broke, of course, I never bought anything. Instead, titles got added to my Amazon wish list and, in the process of adding them, others would be recommended by Amazon’s algorithms and then they’d be added, too.

Oh, yeah! Latkes for the g-damned win!!!

Occasionally, during rare moments of weakness, I’d buy a few books when visiting local shops.

A few.


Almost always at Strand, a place I simply cannot visit unattended.

I included this on my wish list under the assumption that Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s affairs at the Turkish Embassy were as salacious as Lady Mary Crawley’s affair with the Turkish diplomat. I’ve since learned that I was wrong.

Many of the books on my wish list are scholarly publications that my local library doesn’t have; they are also cheaper for me to buy than for my library to Inter-Library Loan.

I.. um……hmm…. I have no clue why this was on my wish list.

My husband treated me to a very merry Christmas and now I get to strike 27 books off the list. They are mostly used — but used to someone else is new-ish to me!

All one needs for happiness: Hot coffee and a bunch of books.
What can I say? I have a thing for Agatha Christie.


*Book Sookie is a million times better than TV Sookie. Book Bill is a hundred times less annoying than TV Bill. And Book Shower Scene is a jillion times more satisfying than the romp in the snow on TV.


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