On my Philadelphia Book Haul

I went to Philadelphia to see the Bearded Ladies perform at Eastern State Penitentiary’s Storming of the Bastille, but I decided to wander around, eat lots of junk food, and knit instead.

Not unlike my usual Saturday night, but this was in a four-star hotel with a king-sized bed all to myself and no dairy-allergic children around to make me feel guilty as I dove head first into copious amounts of gelato. And eat marshmallow treats made out of Fruity Pebbles.

So sexy. Fruity Marshmallow Treat from the Flying Monkey Bakery in Reading Terminal Market.

I also bought books!


Sorry, Strand. I have a new love, the Penn Book Center. It’s darkish and cozy and narrow and filled with books. There’s a poster-lined staircase …


… up to a mezzanine, filled with books….


… overlooking more books.


I didn’t buy much, though.  Around One Log, is about all the creepy crawlies that one finds on the forest floor.


An new Princess in Black installment. My daughter and son both like this series. I once told them that princesses wear big dresses because they’re actually ninjas and the skirt hides their weaponry and jetpacks. These books help confirm the façade.


And This Is My Home, This Is My School. I homeschool my kids so I figured, “why not?”


I picked up a book on boxing in Philadelphia, called Boxing in Philadelphia, at Penn Bookstore (which is not as fun as Penn Book Center).


I swung by the Penn Museum to do a quick walk-through of the Ur gallery and see the Golden Age of King Midas exhibition. In the gift shop, Writing and Script: A Very Short Introduction called for me to buy it, so I did.


Five books in all. I feel almost proud for restraining myself, yet I can’t help but feel disappointed that I did not get more.


I think we should buy books as we do donuts: Go in for one, walk out with a whole bag (or box. I won’t judge), and have zero long-term regrets. After all, no one says “I shouldn’t have had that cruller last Tuesday,” but many us have probably kicked ourselves for not having a little bit of fun in a museum gift shop on vacation.

Fresh and hot strawberry lavender donut, straight out of the oil. Mmmm. So good.

Tl;Dr: I went to Philadelphia and I ate more donuts than I bought books and that makes me sad.


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