On the Hudson Valley Ruins at the New York State Museum

An exhibition based on Robert Yasinsac and Thomas Rinaldi’s  Hudson Valley Ruins: Forgotten Landmarks of an American Landscape opened at the New York State Museum on August 20.

It’s a photographic exhibition on the decaying — but still interestingly beautiful — industrial, commercial, residential and medical buildings (among others) that have been abandoned and left to time and the elements in the Hudson Valley region. The book (along with the show at the museum and the Hudson Valley Ruins website) stands to raise awareness of these structures and encourage their preservation, if only through pixels and film.

I was in Albany visiting family last weekend and was lucky enough to snatch a quick preview.

Erm, why, yes, I did just stick my camera over a temporary wall and blindly take a few snaps of what was hidden behind it. And, yes, it wasn’t a true sneak peak ….

Actually, I’m sure standing on ones toes and raising a camera to click at the unknown is a true sneak  peak…. But I’m sure it’s a fitting way to “see” a show based on things most of us would only get to see in real life if we trespassed and hopped a fence or two.

If you want to see and learn about all those dilapidated buildings you’ve seen driving Upstate or down to NYC on local roads while trying to find a vegan joint for a snack or a clean potty stop, head to the New York State Museum. The show is open until December 2017.

No standing on your toes required.


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