On the Archivist Olympics: Faster, Higher, Wronger 

Last night, while wrapped in the warm embrace of insomnia, I came across an article on the “Librarian Olympics.”

Always one to look over the great LIS divide to see what I can learn from the other side, I wondered what the archivist version would look like.

A small part of Archivist Twitter responded and responded brilliantly.

In our hypothetical Archivist Olympics, Olympians can participate in technical and artistic competitions. In the technical category we have:

  • Archivist pentathlon: “Speed phase box folding” (@jbolmarcich), “Accuracy in folding acid-free folders to the correct width” (@laurenbgood), and “collection location shifting, speed hardware removal, compact storage obstacle course” (@lvanden1).
  • Archives MacGuyvering: “handwriting deciphering, micro spatula tricks, decomposing rubber band extraction” (@lvanden1)
  • “… water events should be book salvage” (@Squiffy002)
  • Ben Hur-style hand truck races, inspired by (@ArchivesMaarja)

For the artistic portion of the Games:

  • “Synchronized crying” (@brinepond)  [I’d do well in this, I’m absolutely positive. At least silver-worthy tears.]
  • “Not cursing at piles of clippings folded into tiny squares” (@laurenbgood) [I’d place dead last.]

Whaddaya say, fellow archivists? Shall we take @lvanden1’s suggestion and inaugurate the Archivist Games at SAA 2017? SNAP Roundtable thinks we’re onto something good!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 8.22.52 PM


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