Countdown: One Year Till #SAA18

Today is August 12, 2017. We are exactly one year away from the Society of American Archivists annual meeting in Washington, DC. I have committed myself to attending next year. The last SAA I attended was also in DC. It didn’t go very well.  So why go again? A few reasons:

  • Swag. Not going to lie. I’m low on pens and highlighters. I need to stock up.
  • I miss the profession. I like organizing things. And listening to how others organize things. And learning best methods of organizing things. There was a session at #SAA17 on “Beyond the Finding Aid: New Directions for Archival Description.” Very in my realm of interest. Very cool. Would like to hear and see more, as opposed to just being #saaleftbehind and watching from my phone at home.
  • I want to meet — or, at the very least, nod in recognition of — the snarkivists I’ve chatted with on Twitter for the past few years. One such individual and I have loosely agreed to chat about classic Japanese women’s wrestling for a bit. Any and all fans of joshi, from Akira Hokuto to Io Shirai, are welcome to join in.

I have also challenged myself to post weekly leading up to #SAA18. We’ll see how that goes.


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