Knitting Knockers at #SAA18

We’re little over a month away from SAA’s annual meeting and my thoughts have turned to which sessions I’ll be attending and, more importantly, the knitting project(s) I’ll be bringing.

It needs to be lightweight, portable, and won’t felt in my hands as I work the yarn in the heat and humidity of the atmospheric hellscape that is Washington, DC, in the middle of frickin’ August. Also, it has to be simple enough to knit while still paying attention to the session speakers. That cancels out winter knits, New Years presents, and the mermaid blanket I’ve been planning.  And cross stitch just doesn’t seem like the brightest idea.

I’ll be bringing my favorite project to SAA: Knitted Knockers.

Crocheted Cans on my cans

Knitted Knockers are breast prostheses knit (or crocheted) from very soft cotton yarn that is breathable and comfortable against sensitive post-op skin. Groups and individuals all over the world create Knockers and donate them to breast cancer survivors who have not had or not yet had reconstructive surgery — for free. My goal is to knit two sets of Knockers, which I’ll send to the Knitted Knockers home office in Bellingham, WA. If anyone wants to knit along with me and make some yarn boobs, patterns and preferred yarn lists can be found here and here.

I’ll be the archivist ne’er-do-well towards the back of the room crafting some cans. Join me!

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