Flight of the TASTYKAKE: Bastille Day’s Farewell Tour

“Let them eat TASTYKAKE” will be pronounced from the wall of Eastern State Penitentiary for the last time on Saturday, July 14. Eastern State Penitentiary announced the end of the Bastille Day tradition back in June.

Marie Antoinette rocking some Piper-Hiedsieck atop ESP’s front gate in 2015

It’s an incredibly expensive event and ESP is a non-profit in a financially unstable non-profit-unfriendly world. Funding used to run the event will be redirected towards addressing criminal justice reform in America, as well as infrastructure and visitor needs. As the former employee of a museum that had its financial dirty laundry splashed over the local newspaper, I understand. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

So! If you’re in Philadelphia or near Philadelphia this upcoming Saturday, head to Fairmount, see some watermelons get guillotined, catch some processed baked goods, and try not to get squished in the crush of a thousand of people watching the ghost of Edith Piaf snark on the current state of the world while telling the culturally-appropriated story of the French Revolution.

(Psst! I blogged about attending the 2015 celebration.)



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