About Me

Finding aid (n): A document used in an archival context to identify and locate information in a collection of records.

Imagine we’re officemates in an archive for some corporate-ish non-profit somewhere. This blog is pretty much what you’d hear me blathering about over the cube wall: some archives/library/museum/information professional chatter, some other stuff, a bit of OMG WTF?! rants thrown in. Sarcasm. It’s there, too.

I’m an inactive archivist trying to organize my thoughts and figure out what’s going on in my head, life, and world. Six years of stay-at-home parenting really puts a damper on things.  I gave up trying to figure things out and am now just going with the flow. Some days it’s a gushing fire hydrant pushing kids in milk crates across the street on a hot city day. Other days it’s that annoying drip of coffee that goes down the side of the pot instead of out the spout and into your cup like it’s supposed to. I hate that.

Oh, have I mentioned that someone other me has published a pro-feminist, pro-wrestling missive of mine? Yep. Read about my personal feminist icon, Akira Hokuto: Defying Traditions and Societal Norms, over at Femmezuigiri. And then go over to XO Jane and giggle at my pain in a piece I wrote on yellow jacket wasps that moved in and invited all their friends.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good luck!! I’m sure that you’re going to end up being a better person and a better parent all for this! Also, the third sentence of paragraph two is beautiful. 😀


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